Street Scene Archive 2014

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1Stour Street Repairs
2Canterbury Food and Drink Festival
3Proposed One-way system
4Canterbury Society - Litter collection
5Peace Pavement
6Rubbish Collection - Hawks Lane

Stour Street:

Repairs and resurfacing to take place on 12th May for 6 days.
Information can be found on KCC Highways website: or Ring 03000 418181
Photos of work being carried out and the final result with no pot holes or patches (i.e. the pain before the gain).

Stour Street Improvements

Work in Progress (May 2014)

(the PAIN)

(Click on Photo to enlarge)

After completion (the GAIN!)

DSCN0445 DSCN0448 DSCN0446


Example of some other Roads that may need attention (Photos included show: Hospital Lane, Marlowe Avenue, Castle Street)

Some Pavements examples (Include: Marlowe Avenue, St Mary’s Street, Rosemary Lane)

Photo0431 Photo0434 Photo0437


In July a proposal was suggested for a one-way street plan (shown below) in Castle Street, Rosemary Lane, Stour Street and Beer Cart Lane area and a letter sent to the CCC.

In response to this a letter received from the CCC saying a new traffic officer is being appointed, but it is thought that the revised street plan  would not be accepted as a priority as it is not classed as ‘Hot-Spot’. As nearby developments are completed the situation can be reassessed.

(Click on .PDF file below to open picture and to download)

Road plan 1

Access street plan

A further copy of a letter was sent to the KCC concerning the Access only / One-Way system and a copy of their reply.

Stour St Traffice system – (click to download)

Stour Street Traffic2 -787

Martin Vye is looking into traffic controls to reduce speed

A second option as suggested by Martin Vye would be to have Rosemary Lane, Stour Street as well as Hospital Lane to be allocated for access use only. Apparently there is a diagram showing this, which we unfortunately do  not have a copy.

Castle Street traffic:

Problems with traffic parking and turning outside of Caxtons with the bollards blocking entry.

JE to investigate.

Canterbury Food and Drink Festival (26, 27, 28 September 2014) in the Dane John

P9270064 P9270060 P9270041




Canterbury Society are conducting a litter campaign (as details below)

Litter Pick-up along the River Stour: 10.30am Saturday 21 June

Saturday 21st June is Civic Day, so across the country volunteers will be working to beautify the places where they live. We will be taking rubbish out of the River Stour(waders will be provided) and clearing litter from along the banks. If you would like to take part, come to the St. Radigund’s Street car park at 10.30 am on Saturday 21 June.

Litter picking equipment will be provided and afterwards there will be some rather special refreshments.

SMACS have agreed  to take part: Anyone interested should meet opposite The LimesPublic house, Rosemary Lane (in The Car Park) at 2.00pm

Peace pavement – (Dane John):    

Signage now in place.

Rubbish Collection:

There has been an issue with Hawks Lane rubbish collection.