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Campaign for Democracy in Canterbury District (CDCD)

Earlier in the year we campaigned for the fight for democracy (CDCD) and on our archive page we provided a link to the website to sign the petition. We have now received an update letter (attached below) concerning a meeting at the Guildhall on Monday 20th at 7.30 where the council are to recommend a committee structure.

Further details are available at: www.CDCD.co.uk 

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CDCD meeting 778

A further meeting has been arranged for Monday 11th November 2014 at the Guildhall 7.30pm

Campaign for Democracy in Canterbury District (CDCD)

Sign up to fight for democracy here

Trevor Sharp’s letter (Your Views, February 20) makes the case for Canterbury council to change to a committee system.

As he says, there is a groundswell of support for such a change. It would involve all councilors in the making of decisions. It would be more democratic and more transparent than the present system.

Local people have the power to get such a change. If five per cent of the local electorate sign a petition calling for a referendum on changing to a committee system, the council will be obliged by law to hold such a referendum. The Campaign for Democracy in Canterbury District is about to start a petition.

As Mr Sharp says, the same change could also be achieved by other routes. He calls on the council leader, John Gilbey, to introduce the committee system as soon as possible. Cllr Gilbey has now announced the setting up of a commission to look into the matter.

Our petition campaign will be watching this process, and will be communicating with council officers about it, in the hope that it can add to the momentum for change.

Our website at http://www.campaign-dcd.org will shortly be telling local people how they can sign and promote the petition. We urge your readers to support it and to get involved.

Richard Norman, St Michael’s Place, Canterbury

Letters, Herne Bay Times, 27th Feb 2014

Although not technically in the SMACS area, we thought that this is a project worth mentioning and include some pictures of the project.

Westgate Gardens Project

(by the Council and Friends of Westgate Gardens)

(Click on image to enlarge)


Picture no. 3 above. Raised beds cared for by the Simon Langton Girls has been designed to include bodily ailments e.g. plants for kidneys, lungs, heart liver, skin etc.




Excavations to transform the Westgate Gardens into a Victorian/Edwardian park with suitable plantings.


The picture above is the archaeologist Andrew MacIntosh.


Above pictures are of general views of the gardens

Findings have included, iron nails, some pottery from circ. 16-17century.

Further details available from: www.westgateparks.co.uk website

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 Westgate Gardens:

 SMACS have been asked to have a representative on their committee.

Westgate Parks Open Day Event 29th June 2014



Activity + description

11am (11am – 3 pm Play area open for public use)

Official Opening of the new play area/part of the new play area by St. Peter’s school. VIP T-shirts purchased. Speeches by PoWP chairman Terry Westgate and Paul Hudson from the Heritage Lottery Funds South East Committee

12pm Talk and display (11am-3pm static displays)

Re-enactment group to show public Romano-British artefacts and supervise the handling of artefacts. Iron Age painting will be available and costumes will be available to try on. With a Talk at noon by Dr Jake Weekes of Canterbury Archaeological Trust, a specialist in the archaeology of Roman Britain.


Anna to take VIP school children on a walk around the Westgate Parks


PERFORMANCE IN THE PARK ‘Through Space and Time’ by pupils from the Canterbury Academy and TRADS company

11am – 3pm

Children’s Activities – stalls provided by; Canterbury Museums – Investigate Iron Age and Roman artefacts, try on Roman costume and find out about Canterbury’s award winning Museums!!

The Local RSPB –

Kentish Stour Countryside Project, Abbot’s Mill Project – boat making

11am – 3pm

Friends of Westgate Parks stand –

Required to: provide information on joining


To put raffle numbers from people’s flyers into the prize draw

Run Tombola

Point of contact for first aid and information

11am 3pm??

Art in the Underpass – Make your mark on the Park – Leave nothing but your handprints

11am – 3pm


Provided by the Canterbury Umbrella Centre

11am – 3am

(2 breaks) 


Wheeley Groovy with be making free, pedal-powered, fruity smoothies. Come along, choose your flavour, and pedal to blend!

Liz Humpage – staff member leading session

All Day


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 The Future of our City

(A summary of the residents vision for the future of Canterbury)

(as distributed by the Canterbury Society)

(Click on image to enlarge)

Future vision cover 749 Future vision intro 776 Future vision p1 751

  Future vision p3 755Future vision p4a 777Future vision p2 754

   Future vision p5 753

Available from the Canterbury Society website at: http://www.canterburysociety.org.uk/2014/08/vision-summary/

Canterbury Society event

Friday 24th October 11.00am at the Westgate Hall, Canterbury

Griff-Rhys-Jones talk on ‘Localism for Real’

Griff-Rhys-Jones is the president of Civic Voice, the national organisation for civic societies. He has a longstanding commitment to enhancing the quality of thebuilt environment and is also a wonderfully entertaining and stimulating speaker.

Canterbury City Council and the University of Kent (Active aging for over 55’s survey):

A survey form can be downloaded from the council website (click Active aging).

A Summer Garden Party is being considered for later this year 2014 (Virginia Fitch is looking into possible venue). Provisionally Sat. 12th July at Franciscan Gardens.

Please Note: Due to circumstances we shall not be holding a Summer Party this Year.

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Beer Cart Lane Taxi Rank application:

SMACS are objecting to an application for a taxi Rank on account proximity to current and future residences.

Drunk and Disorderly:

Nick-Eden Green has replied to Mark Arnold (Kent Police) to refute that only a few offences have happened within our area, and

SMACS has suggested that other local councilors respond in the same way.


Canterbury district transport strategy for 2014 to 2031 can be found on the following link.


Street Lighting (turn off) Proposals:

(Click to enlarge)

Street Lighting732

Canterbury City Council World Cup 2014 and Licensing Laws (England Matches)

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