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The Dane John tea cafe will be re-opening in April 2015

in the weekly ‘Extra’ paper there was an article about changes to the roads in our area as described below.

The Kent County Council (Various Roads, The District of Canterbury)

(7.5 Tonne Weight Restriction) Order 2015

Consultation Summary

Name The Kent County Council (Various Roads, The District of Canterbury) (7.5 Tonne Weight Restriction) Order 2015
Description NOTICE is hereby given that The Kent County Council, acting as the Local Traffic Authority proposes to make the above named Order. The general effect of this order is to implement a 7.5 Tonne weight limit which prevents any vehicle with a weight exceeding 7.5T to proceed in those lengths of road specified in the Schedule of the Order. Exemptions are provided in the Order for; emergency services, authorities in pursuance of statutory powers, buses and access.
Dates From 7 Jan 2015 at 00:00 to 30 Jan 2015 at 23:59.
Status Open
Consulting Organisation Type Kent County Council, District or Borough council, Parish Council, NHS, including Kent Ambulance, Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue
Consulting Organisation Name Kent County Council
District / Borough areas affected by the consultation Canterbury
Consultation Topic Traffic, transport and roads
Consultation Methods Open responses (e.g. letters and email)
Contact Details A copy of the proposed Order, an explanatory statement and a map showing the lengths of roads concerned may be inspected during normal office hours Monday to Fridays at Kent County Council Offices, Sessions House, Maidstone, ME14 1XQ and Ashford Highways Depot, 4 Javelin Way, Henwood Industrial Estate, Ashford, Kent TN24 8AD. Alternatively details can be viewed online at persons wishing to support the proposal, or to object to it should write to Kelly Garrett, Traffic Engineer, Ashford Highways Depot, 4 Javelin Way, Henwood Industrial Estate, Ashford, TN24 8AD or email quoting the name of the Order and stating their reasons, by and no later than 30th January 2015

Would anyone like to respond to this or have any thoughts on this: is it a good idea, or should road sizes or other restrictions be included. If so we would like to hear from you. Don’t forget to write to the Highways Depot at KCC by the 30 January to the address above.

A list of road are shown in the following .pdf file


The resurfacing of Stour Street was a great success, but many of the roads in our area have been patched up and uneven, with Castle Street when it rains there are deep large deep puddles and pedestrians get soak with cars passing.

When the winter is over we could write to the Highways and ask them to look into this. We would appreciate it if anyone has any thoughts on this matter.

Photo0536  Photo0537

In July a proposal was suggested for a one-way street plan (shown below) in Castle Street, Rosemary Lane, Stour Street and Beer Cart Lane area and a letter sent to the CCC.

In response to this a letter received from the CCC saying a new traffic officer is being appointed, but it is thought that the revised street plan  would not be accepted as a priority as it is not classed as ‘Hot-Spot’. As nearby developments are completed the situation can be reassessed.

(Click on .PDF file below to open picture and to download)

Road plan 1

Access street plan

A further copy of a letter was sent to the KCC concerning the Access only / One-Way system and a copy of their reply.

Stour St Traffice system – (click to download)

Stour Street Traffic2 -787

Martin Vye is looking into traffic controls to reduce speed

A second option as suggested by Martin Vye would be to have Rosemary Lane, Stour Street as well as Hospital Lane to be allocated for access use only. Apparently there is a diagram showing this, which we unfortunately do  not have a copy.

Please let us know if you think other roads need to be done or indeed the pavements?

Again some samples of photos on our web page)

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Do any of our members have any thoughts on this issue?

Is this a good or bad suggestion?

Please let us know via our contact page.

 Paving stones outside the White Hart pub that have been have been tarmac will be replaced with paving stones.