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December 2016

The article below is going to be published in the Kentish Gazette


For Immediate Release from the St Mildreds Area Community Society

Commenting on the Canterbury City Council’s Consultation Document on Licensing Policy, SMACS Chairman Dr Reg Race said:

“We must see changes to licensing policy by the City Council in the light of the serious problem with alcohol in Britain. There is nothing wrong with drinking a little, and there is research evidence to suggest that a small amount of alcohol is protective to health in some ways.

“However, excessive drinking by boozy Brits has reached epidemic proportions and in 2016 the latest estimates show that so far this year there have been 8,290 deaths directly related to alcohol consumption. Our casualty departments are flooded with drink cases and it is one of the reasons that A&Es and Minor Injury Units are under such pressure, coping with the consequences of illness, fights and falls fuelled by too much booze. Ambulance crews are being attacked by drunks and so are the Police. The charity Alcohol Concern wants to see Public Health issues embedded as statutory licensing objectives; and we believe that there is a strong case for a complete review at national level of the Licensing Act 2003. We regard the 2003 Act as allowing too many licenses to exist, and for alcohol to be served for ridiculously long hours. It is bonkers to have 800 licences in the District, many of them operating a full scale night economy in the central City.

“The objective of making us drink less – and more like our Continental friends – which was the objective of the 2003 Act, has utterly failed and it is time to take stock.

“The disturbance caused by drinkers shouting their way home and vomiting in doorways has to be curbed. There are many people who now live in the centre of the City who are worried about these antics and would welcome any tightening of the rules that would limit access to drink in the late evening and night time. Therefore, the proposals from the Council are a proportionate response within the existing law and should be welcomed.

“But they could go further. Under Section 172A of the 2003 Act they are permitted to rule that any sale of alcohol after 3am and before 6am should be banned, and we would be in favour of the Council exercising this power to amend existing licences if there are any place which allow all night drinking.

“This is a terribly serious issue and the Council has a duty to protect its citizens from harming themselves through their own behaviour. It is notoriously difficult to change such behaviour, but the key steps are to make alcohol rather less available and to raise its price. Both should be done, and we hope that the Council will join us in requesting a full scale review of the disastrous 2003 Licensing Act, which turned the law on its head and has had a terrible impact on public health.

“We do hope that all the readers of the Kentish Gazette have a great Christmas tinged if required with the occasional rather restrained tipple of choice.”

St Mildred’s Church mother Union and Friends of St Mildred’s

They are having a SILENT AUCTION on 28th September at St Mildred’s Church 7.30pm

See details below:

Silent Auction 081  Silent Auction 2 082

Britain’s Parks at Risk

Britain’s parks are at risk.

There’s no legal responsibility to look after them and squeezed budgets mean our local green spaces – from playgrounds, to the park you relax in on your lunch break – don’t have the money they need. We could end up being forced to pay to use our parks – or lose them altogether.

A group of MPs are looking into the crisis right now. They’re thinking of making protecting parks a legal requirement, and they’ll advise the government on what to do. A huge petition, signed by all of us, will prove how much we love our parks. It could convince the MPs to come up with a water-tight plan for protecting them.

Parks are for everyone. On a summer’s day they’re filled with families enjoying the sunshine and kids having a kick-about with their friends. If they aren’t protected they could be flogged to private companies – forcing us to pay to visit them and destroying their magic. Or they could be closed and lost completely.

The MPs are holding a consultation to ask the public their opinion, but it closes soon. If MPs don’t hear from us, we could be left with a woolly plan that doesn’t fix the problem. But a huge petition, launched today, demanding the government takes responsibility for looking after our parks, would be hard for them to ignore. It’s the first step in protecting our parks, and showing they matter to us all.

Can you sign the petition now and demand that looking after our parks is made a legal requirement by the government? It only takes 30 seconds to add your name:

Canterbury Society have arranged 2 Meetings

 Some of our members maybe interested in attending:

  1. EU Referendum Meeting

at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge on 31 May 2016 from 6.00 to 8.20pm

2. New Design in the Historic Centre of Canterbury on 1st June 2016 at

The Friends Meeting House at 7.30pm

(Refreshments will be provided – £3.00 entrance to Non members)

More details at the: Canterbury Society web site

Kent County Council (20 May 2016)

Active Travel

KCC are asking people interested in Walking and Cycling for their opinions in a consultation at the following web site for more details:



We are currently updating the web pages due to our site being hacked on 18/4/16.

20th July – Canterbury in Bloom – Local judging

3rd August – Canterbury in Bloom  – National judging

April 2016

It is hoped that C & H Fabrics will be moving into Waterstones bookshop in St Margaret’s Street later in the year.

Metro Bank to move to the Current C & H Fabrics building

June 2016

Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Anniversary..

SMACS are holding a Street Party – See EVENTS Page

Rosemary Lane (February 2016)

4 new timber bollards are in the process of being renewed because 2 have broken and 1 is rotten and the fourth is leaning badly

KCC have now changed replacement bollards, they have decided to replace ALL the bollards with Spring Rubber bollards that will mean closing the road while work is carried out. Work to be carried out in the next 4 weeks from 25/2/2016.

Street lighting

Also reported to KCC street lights in 1 in St John’s Lane and 1 in Church St. St Mildred’s not working and they have issued work to be carried out

I have recently reported the open air car park flood light in Rosemary Lane has not working for the last 4 weeks and Canterbury City Council (Car parks) are now dealing with this.

Canterbury Wholefoods

We would like to notify people if you do not already know that Canterbury Wholefoods situated in Jewry lane for the last 15 years are moving to Iron Bar Lane in Early March

77 Stour Street (Old Chromos Building) application:

Chromos building 025

(Application CA//15/00350). Click on details below:

Go to Related Documents, then View Associated Documents for more detail on the plans etc. if going via Canterbury City web site search.

A change of use from Retail (Old Chromos building) to a Gastro pub (Mixed A4/A3 use).

We need to keep a watch on this what with the Old Brewery on the other corner with noise etc.

Application CA/15/00350/FUL, 77 Stour Street (Old Chromos Building).

On Tuesday 2 February at 6.30pm there is a meeting at the Guildhall in relation to a planning application ((ref. CA/15/00350/FUL)  in respect of 77 Stour Street (the old Chromos building) for a change of use.

The change of the ground floor is changing from A1 use (retail) to a gastropub (mixed A4/A3 use) together with an extraction flue.

Anyone is invited to attend or to speak. Those wishing to speak must ring Graham Finch on 01227 862004 or email to if you wish to object or agree to the application by no later than 12.30pm the day before the committee meeting.

After attending the Planning Committee meeting (above) the application to change the above premises from Retail use to a Gastro-pub was granted with some provision for the premises to close before midnight

Canterbury Society events coming up for anyone interested.


1st June – Talk on Conservation in Historic Towns by Nikos Paradise

31st May – EU Referendum debate  at Cathedral Lodge 6.00pm

Monday 8 Feb: Student Impact Review Stakeholder event

The Canterbury Society can invite two people to this event, which will take place from 1.00 to 4.45 at the Westgate Hall. If anyone would like to go, and is not yet signed up, let Jan know.

Tuesday 9 Feb: War Memorials Project

This project is concerned with listing local war memorials and assessing their condition. It will take place from 10.00 to 2.00 at St Peter’s Methodist Hall (Blue room). Around 15 volunteers have signed up, but we could accept two or three more.

Wednesday 2 March: Talk on Making Canterbury healthier Place

Talk by Professor Stephen Peckham, taking place at 7.30 at the Friends Meeting House

Tuesday 8 March: Historic Cathedral Cities to be discussed at the APPG

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Civic Societies brings together MPs, experts and members of civic societies. This meeting is concerned with threats to historic towns and cities and will take place at 2.00 in Portcullis House, Westminster.